Images from the Aug. 21st, 2017 solar eclipse passing through Idaho. The first batch of images were taken by me from Grime's Creek, Id., using a Canon fs200 camcorder set on photo. The next set were taken by John W. ONEAL II, from Smith's Ferry, Id., using Canon 60Da for the first four images, Five through nine, Explore Scientific 152 and Baader Wedge with Continuum Filter and DWO AS174mm CMOS Imager, Sixth through seven of nine, using a Lunt LS60THa/PT, and the eight image is with Explore Scientific 152mm with a Daystar Filter's Quark Chromosphere & ZWO AS/174mm CMOS Imager, while the next set are from Pam and Randy Shivak, also at Smith's Ferry, Id., using 6" AP, ZWO174 camera. The rest of the sets are from various locations around the U.S.A., including the images from Dean Janson Sr., President of the Peoples Astronomy Club of Boise (tPAC), using a Meade 8" and a Canon 40D DSLR in last set of images from his back porch in Meridian, Id.